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beach full of sun from yacht catamaran cruise

What would you take to a desert island?

Pemba Island

Pemba, located about 50 kilometers north of Zanzibar and almost as much to the east of the mainland of Tanzania, has long been called the "green island", and the local mosaic of forests, swamps, mangroves, beaches and lagoons hidden from the world are ideal conditions for almost relaxation. at the end of the world. Even though the majority of the island's inhabitants speak only the local language, you will surely find here extraordinary hospitality and phenomenal landscapes, unstoppable by mass tourism.

Welcome to the jungle!


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Zanzibar - Pemba


This is a unique offer for people looking for an extraordinary experience. Dinner on a sandbank, a night on a desert island or a walk in the ancient jungle are just some of the attractions that we provide during a week-long trip.

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Ngezi Forest

The dense and wonderfully lush Ngezi jungle is one of the last remaining areas of native forest that once covered much of the island. Ngezi Forest is similar to the rainforests we see on the mainland. The forest, protected by a 1,476 hectare reserve, is a veritable green canopy full of lianas that provide swings for noisy monkeys.

Misali Island

This desert island is one of the best diving destinations in East Africa, and you can go snorkeling straight from the beach. Misali is part of the Pemba Channel Conservation Area, which covers the entire west coast of the island. In addition to water attractions, we offer guests relaxation on the white beach in the company of its inhabitants - monkeys and crabs. And for the bravest, we will organize a night on a deserted island under a starry sky.

Dinner on sandbank

We invite guests to an exclusive

 dinner on the sandbank.

It's a unique experience in the
beautiful scenery of the setting sun.


Vumawimbi beach

It's one of the most beautiful white sand beach in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It is completely free from hotels and the tourism industry.

Mkia Mgombe

Visit to a local village Mkia Mgombe.
This is a unique opportunity to see what the everyday life of Pemba's inhabitants looks like.

Water sports

We provaide Stand Up Paddles during the hole trip. In Kendwa you can try the water scooters. You will also visit Mnemba Island for scooba diving and many beautiful places for snorkeling.

Into the wild

beach full of sun from yacht catamaran cruise

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