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Undoubtedly, a cruise on the Cape Verde Islands is a treat, especially for those who want to discover a corner of the world still untainted by mass tourism and human civilisation.

Embark on a luxurious yacht charter holiday in Cabo Verde with Catamaran Cruises, where azure waters and stunning coastlines
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Cape Verde Islands

Most of the local islands have only small settlements, some of which are completely uninhabited. We will be able to commune with nature and admire its various forms.

No island on Capo Verde looks like the other, each one is different and unique. Maio Island is covered by palm forests. From the Railroad on Boa Vis, we will discover monumental shipwrecks from the sea, beautiful sandy beaches on Sal, and a harsh volcanic landscape on Fogo and Santo Antao.

In addition, we will also see beaches in three colors - gold, red and black, as well as beautiful cycling reefs and tropical fauna - including giant sea turtles!

Atlantic cruising

This trip is meant for you, who wants to experience the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the exotic islands. Whether you have been sailing before, and you want to challenge our Catamaran, expecting 10 knots an hour, or you want to go cruising between beautiful anchor spots, this is the trip for you.

Atlantic fishing

This trip is for the fisherman wanting to catch a great yellow-finned tuna, a wahoo, or any of the other great fish, we have professional fishing gear on board to catch both fish fit to feed an entire family for a week, and of course also smaller, delicious reef fish. 

Atlantic spear fishing

His trip is primarily for those experienced in spearfishing, who wants new challenges. For your own safety we recommend, you are a strong swimmer, used to swimming and free diving in the ocean. Are you all about the adventurous world under the seas, we offer a week of dedicated spearfishing. We will show you the most beautiful, unspoiled places in the Cape Verdean Islands, and we guarantee you will catch fish, you will not find anywhere in Europe.


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whatsapp: +48-515-545-887

whatsapp: +48-510-033-218

Contact us

whatsapp: +48-515-545-887

whatsapp: +48-510-033-218

Other destinations

whatsapp: +48-515-545-887

whatsapp: +48-510-033-218

Our boat

Type: Catamaran

Year: 2006

Base: Azam Marina Zanzibar 

Length: overall 11,93 meters
Beam: 7,03 meters
Draft: 0,91 to 2,32 meters depending on the dagger boards position
Headroom hulls: 2 meters
Headroom bridge deck: 1,85 meters
Foils: Twin dagger boards
Weight lightship: 5900 kg
Berths: 5 (2 Double + 1 Single)
Cabins: 3
Main sail area: 45 m2
Genua area: 29 m2
Jib area: 7 m2
Reacher area: 87,52 m2
Water capacity: 680 litres
Fule capacity: 280 litres
Auxiliary power: 2 x 20 Hp Volvo Penta

Dazcat 1190


Water maker
300 watt Solar Panels
4 kW generator
Fully equipped kitchen with 4-burner gas cooker
Swim and snorkeling equipment
Fishing and spearfishing equipment
Electric powered main winch
Headsails on furlers, reef main, jib and spinnaker
VHF, plotter, autopilot, log, compass, radar, wind instrument and music system
Sail drive with pitch propeller
Dagger boards
12 persons life raft
EBIB emergency beacon, flares, lifejackets and fire extinguisher
6 Hp outboard engine
380 cm dinghy

Embark on a luxurious yacht charter holiday in Cabo Verde with Catamaran Cruises, where azure waters and stunning coastlines

Zanzibar Safari Blue

From 9500€

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